Launched in December 2016, Chameleon Ink. is a Brisbane based accessory business born out of a desire to showcase the piles (albeit beautiful and very original) artworks of those little creators in our lives.

Started by two friends - Liz & Carrie have always approached fashion in a creative and 'whatever you can dream up you can wear' way. Chameleon Ink. has provided the perfect opportunity to explore this and enabled a cleverly designed range of bags that can compliment every outfit and occasion with very little effort.

Kids art, in all it's colour and freedom of expression, was where the concept of an accessory that can adapt began. As they sifted through kindergarten delights, Liz & Carrie started to envisage much more than kids art as an accessory option. Suddenly vintage curtain fabric, old jeans, wrapping paper and anything you can paint or cut became appealing to wear.


What if you could customise your biggest 'going out' accessory to whatever was hanging in your wardrobe?
What if all it took was a Chameleon Ink. bag, complete with template, that allowed you to create your own interchangeable design? ... 

If you can spray it, paint it, cut it, or create it.

You Can Wear It!


And so Chameleon Ink. was born.