Care for your interchangeable CHAMELEON INK. bag.

Everything we hold dear requires a little TLC and this bag is no different:



Handmade out of clear PVC it's durable but not indestructible

  • The PVC may scratch if you put sharp items on or in it

  • Artworks may transfer onto the PVC if left in the heat or not sealed properly. Seal artworks first & try not to leave it in the baking sun

  • In the event that the PVC is marked, clean with care. Use a soft cloth with water, or for more stubborn markings, we use Eucalyptus or Tee tree oil.

THE SKIN (Template)

  • Made out of embossed Lizard skin paper, this template needs to be treated with care as it can tear

  • Paper also isn’t friends with water so keep it in a dry place when not in use 


  • Our pre cut skins are designed to give you a kick start in your creative endeavours to interchange your bag and create unlimited potential. Therefore, when not in use, they need to be stored carefully wrapped around the cork plate provided by us and safely stowed to prevent creasing, tearing or any sort of damage.

  • As our bags are each hand made, sometimes there can be minor variations between their shape & that of your pre-cut SKIN. All SKINS can be modified (if required) with scissors to ensure a comfortable crease free fit.