Like the Chameleon alters its appearance to suit its surrounds, so too can you with your Chameleon Ink. bag.

Build your bag with an array of colour and pattern with the addition of our exclusively designed Interchangeable Bag 'SKIN' Inserts. 

Slip them in and out with ease to change your look in a matter of seconds.

NOTE | As our bags are each hand made, sometimes there can be minor variations between their shape & that of your pre-cut SKIN. All SKINS can be modified (if required) with scissors to ensure a comfortable crease free fit.



This is the part we really love and the basis for the Chameleon Ink. brand.

The real fun is creating your own Bag Inserts.

If you can paint it or cut it, you can wear it.

You don't need to be Picasso or Martha Stewart to add a jazzy, flamboyant, classic, informative or whatever-you-can-dream-up flavour to your outfit.

Chameleon Ink. Bags